Our Motto

Pass On The Torch

What makes us different?

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish and sustain for members of common background, which is our Alma Mater, a highly vibrant association that will provide a network of intellectual and business contacts and social relationships that will uplift our Alma Mater while inspiring the girl-child

Core Values

Here are our core values.

Team Work

Aims and Objectives

1. Forging of stronger relationships and promoting effective network amongst QSI 1983 set.

2. Promotion/provision of opportunities to develop individual and business interests among members

3. To create developmental opportunities that will sustain educational standard of the Alma Mater (Queens School Ibadan) through project execution and service activities

4. Render service to society especially in the area of public and private management. To which there shall be at least two projects per tenure; one to the society and one to Queens School Ibadan which shall be nominated and agreed by members

5. Support QSI as well as the main Alumni body in its aims and objectives

6. Adopt such other objectives as may generally be in the interest of the Association, our Alma Mater and/or QSI Alumni and when there is a conflict, the rules of the Parent Alumni body will prevail.