We are Proud

QSI Class of '83

We are girls who completed our secondary school education in Queens School Ibadan in 1983, irrespective of year of entry. At Queens School Ibadan Girls of ’83

Our Vision

Inspiring the girl child, and empowering our members

Our vision is to establish and sustain for members of common background, which is our Alma Mater, a highly vibrant association that will provide a network of intellectual and business contacts and social relationships that will uplift our Alma Mater while inspiring the girl-child

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Our Core Values

We value unity in our diversity, we celebrate strength of our unity. We work together as a team, open-minded in our dealings with one other, committed to respecting, honoring and valuing each other.

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Latest Causes

We believe in the maxim, ‘it takes the village to raise a child’, our vision is to inspire the girl child in our Alma mater, while at the same time empowering our members.

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